Location: 1000 Block of N Oak Ave, Lindsay

Incident Date: 08-30-2017

Incident Time: 1500 hrs

Case Number: 17-10577

Victim: ADV Harvesting

City: Lindsay

Posted by: Dispatch

Suspect: Unknown

Tulare County Ag Crimes Detectives responded to a business in the 1000 Block of N Oak Ave, in Lindsay, regarding a theft of harvesting ladders. Detectives were advised the ladders were on a black trailer which was later recovered in the area of Rd 196 and Ave 204. The ladders were last seen on Wednesday 8/30/17 at approximately 1500 Hrs.

The ladders are sixteen (16) foot aluminum harvesting ladders. The tops and bottoms of the ladders are painted red.   

Anyone with more information regarding this investigation is urged to contact Ag Sergeant  Rhyman or Detective Armstrong with the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department Ag Crimes Unit via telephone at #1-800-808-0488 or anonymously at tcso@tipnow.com or by text or voicemail at #559-725-4194