Location: 100 Block of Road 136

Incident Date: Between 3/24/2017 and 3/25/2017

Incident Time: Unknown

Case Number: 17-3568

City: Delano Area

Posted by: Dispatch

On 03-25-2017 at approximately 1500 hours:


Tulare County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a grape vineyard located within the 100 block of Road 136 near Delano.  The owner of the property, Evelyn Raquedan, was reporting damage to five grape vines and a post within the vineyard.  Raquedan did not know how the damage occurred but she suspected foul play. Raquedan estimated the cost to repair the damage to be approximately $2,700. Deputies investigated the scene and discovered no evidence.  A vandalism report was taken at the request of Raquedan.  


If you have any information related to this case, please contact Detective Nicholson (559) 735-1898 or (800) 808-0488.  Anonymous information about this crime can be reported via Tipnow, email: tcso@tipnow.net or download the Tipnow app for android or apple phones.