Location: Blackstone/Bardsley

Incident Date: 01-23-15

Incident Time: 1650

Case Number: 10-9724

Victim: State of California

Posted by: Media Relations

Charges- 29800(a) (1) PC, 25400(c) PC, 25850 (c) (3) PC, 25400(c) (2) PC, 148 PC, 148.9 PC1203.2 PC-  Felon in possession of a firearm, carry concealed weapon on person, criminal street gang member carry loaded firearm, carry stolen weapon, resist arrest, provide false name to law enforcement, and violation of probation

Tulare PD Case #15-553- Tulare Co Sheriff Dept Case #10-9724

(S-1)- Ontiveros, Homero              29 YOA              Resides in Tulare
(S-2)- Alonso, Jorge                     23 YOA               Transient
(s-3)-  Cisneros, Armando             19 YOA               Resides in Washington

Detectives with Tulare Police Department and the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department South County Gang Violence Suppression Unit, working in conjunction to curb illegal gang activity in the area, stopped a vehicle for minor traffic violations. The vehicle was stopped at Blackstone and Bardsley avenues in the city of Tulare. A passenger, later identified as Homero Ontiveros, fled from the vehicle and was taken into custody a short distance later by detectives. He was found to be in possession of a loaded .45 caliber semi-auto pistol concealed in his waist band. The pistol was found to be a reported stolen firearm from a Sheriff’s Department burglary investigation, case #10-9724. It was also discovered that (S) Ontiveros is a member of the “Norteno” criminal street gang and had an active Tulare County felony warrant issued for his arrest charging home invasion, possession of stolen property and motor vehicle theft with a bail amount of $20,000.00 dollars. (S) Ontiveros was further charged with resisting arrest, a felon and criminal street gang member in possession/carrying a concealed weapon.
A second passenger, Jorge Alonso, was found to be in violation of his probation and also a known “Norteno” gang member. (S) Alonso provided false information to the detectives when contacted and was arrested for violation of probation, providing false information and delaying a peace officer while in performance of his duties. (S) Alonso is on probation for receiving stolen property. 
The driver, Armando Cisneros, also provided false information to a peace officer and was arrested for that charge as well as delaying a peace officer while in performance of his duties. All three suspects were booked and housed at Tulare County Adult Pre-Trial Facility.