SB 272 Compliance

Name Vendor Freq System of Record Multi Depart Description
Adobe Acrobat Adobe Daily N Y Allows creation and editing in addition to the viewing of PDF files.
Adobe Cold Fusion Adobe Daily N Y A platform for building and deploying web and mobile applications
Adobe Connect  Adobe Daily N Y Adobe Connect is a collaboration tool that provides Meeting, Training and conference features. 
Adobe Reader Adobe Daily N Y This program allows for the viewing of PDF files.
ADSi Jail Management System Application Data Systems Daily Y N Jail Management system for Sheriff. 
Advantage Adv Financial CGI Daily Y Y County Financial System
AirWatch AirWatch Daily N Y This is an application to control and monitor mobility devices.
Alexandria Alexandria Daily N N Alexandria Library Catalog software
Alfresco Alfresco Software Daily N Y Document Management System
ArcGIS Server ESRI Daily N Y ArcGIS Server that provides GIS data. 
ArcGIS Workstation ESRI Daily N Y A geographic information system (GIS) for working with maps and geographic information.
Assessment Appeals Tracking System Tulare County Daily N Y Manage the assessment appeals process. Daily N N Web-based juvenile assessment tool that is currently interfaced with Caseload Explorer for Probation department. 
ASSRBaseYearValues Tulare County Daily N Y Application used by the Assessors' office to collect the Base Year Values.
Atrex Millennium Software, Inc. Daily N Y Atrex is a comprehensive, easy to use inventory control/point of sale package.
Attendant Console Cisco Daily N Y Part of the VoIP suite of products that provides ACD for call centers among other capabilities such as handling multiple phones administratively.
AutoCAD Autodesk Daily N Y AutoCAD - County planning for streets, sewers, Parcel maps etc.
Avatar Netsmart Daily Y N New billing, data collection, and EMR System for Mental Health replacing CMHC. Went live 9/3/13
AVSS UC Santa Barbara Daily N Y The Automated Vital Statistics System (AVSS) was envisioned to be an integrated computer system for the collection, management, and reporting of public health paper forms, with special emphasis on vital records.
Benefits AR Tulare County Daily N Y Custom Accounts Receivable Application for HR Benefits
BEX SyncSort Daily N Y Backup Express is the software used to back up data from servers.
Biscom Biscom Daily N Y Biscom Delivery Server is a system that enables the secure delivery of files, documents, and other sensitive information while providing tracking and reporting capabilities.
Bomgar Bomgar Daily N Y BOMGAR Enterprise B300V Screen Sharing and Presentation Software
Bookings Website Tulare County Daily N Y This program takes bookings fed from the Sheriff and finds the best match with probation clients.  Probation staff uses this screen to confirm the match, which then is used to update the Probation client record.
BOXI Business Objects Enterprise XI - Adv CGI-AMS IBM Daily N Y Report/Document Generator -- This application generates queries from data within CWS/CMS and the result is a report.
BudgetBook Tulare County Daily Y Y Produces the Tulare County Annual Budget Book.
Business Objects (CWS/CMS) SAP/IBM Daily N Y Report/Document Generator -- This application generates queries from data within CWS/CMS and the result is a report.
Business Objects (TCiCT) SAP Daily N Y This is the website users can log into to get reports, dashboards, etc. that are created for them by the Business Intelligence Unit.
C.D.C. LRN / RM (Remote Messenger) US Government Daily N Y This application was created by and is used by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  Its purpose is for the reporting of hazardous (biological attack) agents found in the environment. 
CalAg Permits State of California Daily Y N Ag pesticide permit issuance and tracking system.
CalWIN Audit Log Viewer Tulare County Daily N N CALWIN Audit Log Viewer
CalWIN CIS Database HP Daily N Y CALWIN Reporting Database
Caseload Explorer Automon Daily Y N Caseload Explorer web-based case management for investigation, supervision and other solutions for both Juvenile and Adult caseloads.
CCSAS State of California Daily Y N California Child Support Automated System - Child Support Enforcement
CE Connect  Automon Daily Y Y Automates the transfer of supervised release files (srf) to the state of California's department of justice (DOJ) and maintains a list of the errors.
Cerner Etreby (Pharmacy) Cerner Daily Y Y A Server-Client Based Pharmacy Information Management System
Chameleon  HLP Daily Y Y Chameleon/CMS© is an integrated shelter software case management system for the entire animal care facility. 
CHCC (Valley Children's Hospital) Valley Children's Hospital Daily N Y CHCC is Valley Children's Hospitals EMR system. 
Cisco Call Manager VoIP Cisco Daily N Y IP Telephony - Voice over Internet Protocol Telephone system hardware and software. 
Cisco Physical Access Manager Cisco Daily N Y This is the program that sets up building accesses for ID badges for all county buildings except for Government Plaza.
Cisco VPN Client Cisco Daily N Y Allows Remote Connections to the county network.
Citrix (TC) Citrix Daily N Y Metaframe Client applications server for remote connectivity used by different parts of the county for connectivity to Host/Client Servers.
Clarizen Clarizen Daily N N Project Management Software
CLETS State of California Daily N Y California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System   
CMIPS II State of California Daily Y Y CMIIPS (In Home Support Services Hearings system).  
Compas Core - Probabtion Northpoint Daily Y N Web-based adult assessment tool that is currently interfaced with Caseload Explorer for Probation department.
Compass - Tulare Works Northwoods Daily N Y Tulare Works Appointment Scheduling Application
Copia Lab - Orchard Software Orchard Software Daily N Y Browser-based system to link labs with clinics for order management.
Corrigo Corrigo Daily N Y Capital Projects and Facilities ticketing system.  
courtDocs Tulare County Daily N Y Allows conflict attorneys to see documents for court cases.
CPAS Tulare County Daily N Y CPAS provides exception reporting for discrepancies in retirement deductions between employee paychecks and what information is entered into Enterprise 
Cross Roads Cross Roads Software Daily N Y Traffic Collision Reporting
Crystal Reports SAP Daily N Y Report/Document Generator for Business Objects
CSE State of California Daily Y N The single statewide mandated system for the establishment, modification, accounting and enforcement of child support.
CWEA HP Daily Y Y This is the Web-based interface into the State's Welfare System. 
CWS Folder Tracking Tulare County Daily N N Used to assist CWS with folder tracking of CWS cases that are stored off-site.
CWS/CMS State of California Daily Y Y Child Welfare Services/Case Management System.
DADE Dade Systems Daily N N Interest Calc (for DCSS).
Dairy Inspections  Tulare County Daily Y N Application used by RMA for inspections and permit verification of Dairies
DAMION Court View Daily Y N DAMION (District Attorney Management Information and Integrated Office Network) - DA Case management system 
DCSSApptScheduling Tulare County Daily N N Part of DCSS Internet Web presence that allows case workers and the public to schedule appointments.
EAS Enterprise Address System Furlon Daily N N Application that updates addresses and address points for the GIS System 
eFAX Efax Daily N Y Prescriptions FAX to email service
EIMS DFM Daily Y N Elections Information Management System
ELMER (Kaweah Delta Hospital) Cerner Daily N Y Electronic Medical Records (ELMER) is Kaweah Delta Health Care Districts EMR system.
Enterprise HRMS ADP Daily Y Y Enterprise HRMS -- Enterprise Human Resources Management System
EnvisionConnect  Decade Software Daily Y N System used by Environmental Health for Inspections and Permits.  
ERS State of California Daily N Y Emergency Reporting System
eTIME (ADP Time and Attendance Module) ADP Daily Y Y Employee time card tracking system
Experian QAS Server (GE) GE Daily N N Provides address verification and quality assurance.
Expressview Cisco Daily N Y Software used to reflect real-time statistics from Cisco Call MGR
Extra! Personal Client Attachmate Daily N Y Extra! Personal Client is a terminal emulation program used to access a mainframe type environment from a PC. 
FAS (Sage FAS 500 Asset Accounting) Sage Daily Y Y Fixed Asset System
FInet Tulare County Daily Y N Family Intervention Database
Fleetmatics Daily N N Fleetmatics is a website used for Mobile Fleet tracking
G.E. - CPS 12 (Production) GE Daily Y Y Centricity Practice Management System is an integration of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Practice Management (PM)
Gasboy FHO (Fleet Head Office) Banks and Company Daily Y Y Gasboy is a fuel management system. 
GMS-Grants Managements System State of California Daily N Y Grants Management System
GroupWise Micro Focus Daily N Y Email and Calendaring Software
Guard1 Time Keeping Systems, Inc Daily N N Detention Facilities application 
Harvest Orchard Software Daily N N Harvest lab interface. Vendor is Orchard Software
ICT In/Out Mobile Tulare County Daily N Y In/Out board
Identix Idnetix Daily Y Y Fingerprinting system 
IHSS Folder Tracking Tulare County Daily N N Tracks client folders and Medical certifications
Infomatica - Data Replication Infomatica Daily N N Infomatica - data replication client- used for CalWIN Database replication
iNovah System Innovators Daily Y Y Countywide cashiering System.
iPrint Novell Daily N Y Novell Application used to administer network printing.
ITTime Tulare County Daily Y N Application used by IT to track entry of time-based on project tasks.
JALAN Sungard-THE Daily Y N JALAN Integrated Justice System
JCATS Canyon Solutions Daily Y N JCATS - Public Defender Case Management system 
Low Risk Offender ( LRO )  Tulare County Daily N N Application Interface With Caseload Explorer for Probation Offenders.
MCMG2 MOS Inernational Daily N N Mail Manager used by the Print Shop. 
MedsViewer Tulare County Daily N Y MedsViewer
Meet-Me Conference meetmeconference.con Daily N Y The Meet Me Conference Service allows you to sponsor a conference call for up to twenty (Cisco) or ten (Intercom) participants,
Microsoft Access Microsoft Daily N Y A Database application that can be purchased as part of Microsoft Office Professional Suite or as a stand-alone application.
Microsoft Biz Talk Server Microsoft Daily N Y Microsoft Biz Talk Server with Integrated Host Manager - Used to integrate data from multiple sources
Microsoft IIS Server Microsoft Daily N Y Web server for  hosted applications
Microsoft Office Standard Microsoft Daily N Y This is a suite that includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Microsoft Outlook/Exchange  Microsoft Daily N Y Microsoft Outlook/Exchange 2010 used by County Counsel. Integrated with ProLaw.
Microsoft Publisher Microsoft Daily N Y An entry-level desktop publishing application from Microsoft
Microsoft SQL Report Server Microsoft Daily N Y Microsoft Reporting Services Server - Development and Display of custom reports
Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft Daily N Y Windows 7 is an operating system produced by Microsoft.
Mirth Connect Mirth Daily N Y Translates and monitors data channels of HL7 information.
Monarch Monarch Daily N Y Monarch - Monarch is a  tool that extracts data from report (text) files and summarizes or charts the data without requiring you to re-key a thing.
MR RIP Mitsubishi Daily N Y This machine is a PrePress 'printer' that produces a 'plate' (film/image) sheet of 'Material' (Silver DigiPlate)
Mura Blue River Daily N Y Mura - open source Content Management - website framework
myPATH Tulare County Daily N Y This is the application used to coordinate training.
NeoGov Daily N Y HRD program for recruitment and application submission.
Novell Client Novell Daily N Y The client to access the Novell Networking system
Novell Messenger Novell Daily N Y Instant Messaging system integrated with GroupWise Email.
O'Neil Software Oneilsoft Daily N N Warehouse logistics software.  This software creates a three-dimensional matrix that is referenced to bar codes.
Org Plus Daily N N An org chart preparation tool
Orion SolarWinds Daily N Y Orion Network Performance Monitor
OTIS State of California Daily N Y Online Tobacco Information System
PAC Database Tulare County Daily Y N Pesticide Applicator Certification MS Office Access database
PALMS  Tyler Solutions/Energov Daily Y N Permits and Land Management System,
PaperCut (Law Library Software) ACD-Inc Daily N Y Software enables the user to make copies of documents on a 'pay per page' use.
PastPerfect Museums Software Daily N N Museum Software
PeachTree Sage Daily Y N Accounting application used by the Auditors. 
Perseus Perseus Daily N Y Perseus - Used for creating web-based surveys 
PIMS Tulare County Daily Y Y This system provides assessed values, unsecured and secured tax information and property description and information. 
PinPoint Scan Kyocera Daily N Y PinPoint Scanning software
PlasticSCM5 Codice Software Daily N N Plastic SCM is a source control management application.
PMCS (Probation Mobile Case System) Tulare County Daily N N PMCS displays limited offender case information in read-only format.
Prism DocForms Prism Software Daily N Y Print Shop uses this program to create different forms for County and Out of County customers. 
ProLaw Thomson Reuters Daily N Y ProLaw
ProSystems fx Engagement Wolters Kluwer Daily N Y ProSystem fx Suite transforms your day-to-day workflow and sets you on a straight path for future growth. One-time data entry enables sharing and integration across all applications.
PTS ( Formally ITX ) Mugshots PTS Daily Y Y  Web-based mugshot system used at Juvenile Detention Facility for mugshot capture. The system is also used outside in the field for officers to pull up an offender lineup. 
Questys Questys Daily N Y Questys Document Management System
Quickbooks Intuit Daily Y Y General Ledger/Accounts Payable program
Rapid Pay ADP Daily N Y Automated payroll entry system, interfaces with Enterprise. 
Real Prop Tracking Tulare County Daily N N Real Prop Tracking
ReportSmith ADP Daily N Y ReportSmith - Report system interfacing with the Enterprise System.
RiiMS DFM Daily Y Y Recorder Information and Image Management System - RiiMS
RTA - Fleet Management Ron Turley and Associates Daily Y Y Vehicle maintenance, fuel usage.
SDM SDM Daily N N Assists CWS Staff with Structured Decision Making within CWS/CMS.
ServiceNow  Service Now Daily N Y Service Desk Management Tool
SimS Systema Software Daily Y Y Risk management uses this system for claims.
Sirron Sirron Daily Y Y Civil Application System
Sophos Sophos Daily N Y Sophos Enterprise Manager antivirus/malware protection
SpecWare 9 Basic specmeters Daily N Y Used to download temperature measuring devices (data loggers) to PC.
Stage 1 Child Care Database Tulare County Daily Y Y Tulare Works Stage 1 Child Care payment system
Sustain eCourts Sustain Daily Y Y Sustain - Courts Case Management System- The system stores both structured data such as party information, milestones, and calendaring information and unstructured information such as case minutes, notes, and pleadings.
Sympro EmphaSys Daily N Y This application is used by the Treasurer to manage county investments and cash portfolios. 
TCiCT Budget Distribution Tulare County Daily N Y Accumulate Service/Product Costs (ICT data entry) and Calculate the distributed charges for customers with reporting for both ICT staff and customers.
TCMS Tulare County Daily Y Y TCMS is the Tulare County Medical Services Program. TCMS helps meet the needs of people who cannot pay their medical expenses.
TCOMS Tulare County Daily Y Y Contains data for alcohol and drug patients used in the Alcohol and Other Drugs division of Mental Health. 
TCOMSYOUTH Tulare County Daily Y Y Contains data for alcohol and drug youth patients used in the Alcohol and Other Drugs division of Mental Health.  
TCTime Tulare County Daily Y Y This is a timecare/payroll application
TCX_ChangeOfAddress Tulare County Daily N Y TCX COA is an application that will take USPS return address information and compare it to the tax assessment ID and then output a text file that can be used to generate a form letter
Teletask Autodialer Teletask Daily N Y Autodialer that uses the VoiP system to make calls, a Verizon modem to send text messages, and the county servers for emails
TimeClock 6 Plus Time Clock Plus Daily Y N Ag's payroll time tracking and reporting system.
TMS  Defense Acquisition Systems Daily Y N Training Management application for Probation Department
TMT Tulare County Daily N Y TMT Is a Task Management System used by Tulare Works.
TWS - IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler PROD IBM Daily N Y Tivoli Workload Scheduler plans, automates, and controls the processing of your enterprise's entire production workload.
VACS Ventura County Daily Y Y The California Ventura Automated Collections System
Verint Verint Daily N Y Call Center software used by The Processing Center
Visdoc Solo/Scanner Visdoc Daily N Y An application to allow for the scanning and stand-alone viewing EMR, patient financial eligibility and other associated  documents in to the Visdoc image repository.
WASP Mobile Asset Wasp Barcode Technologies Daily N Y MobileAsset allows you to capture important information about each asset, including location, check-in and check-out, maintenance schedules and cost, warranty contracts, and depreciation
WasteWORKS WasteWorks Daily Y Y Waste management system used by the solid waste division.
Web Connect OpenConnect Daily N Y Web connect provides Title companies secure access to PIMs via a web interface. 
WebBudget Tulare County Daily Y Y County  Budget System
Webshpere for InforAdvantage IBM/CGI Daily N Y Webshpere for InforAdvantage  - web server and services for AFIN
WordPress WordPress Daily N Y Web Content Management  software.
Workforce Management (WMS) Cisco Daily N Y Schedules call center personnel phone time, lunch, breaks and offline work time.