Tulare County · California

Treasurer-Tax Collector

Our mission is to efficiently and effectively collect, manage, and safeguard public funds so as to provide community services to the constituents of Tulare County


Picture of The Auditor-Controller Treasurer-Tax Collector of Tulare County, Cass Cook

Cass Cook

•  Auditor-Controller

•  Treasurer-Tax Collector

Treasurer - Tax Collector:


221 South Mooney Blvd.

Room 104 E

Visalia, CA 93291

Property Tax Bill by Phone, Call (800) 265-9581

Email: Taxhelp@tularecounty.ca.gov

Fraud Hotline

After the Tax Clearance

The tax clearance will be issued and delivered by one of the following methods:

  • Available for pick up at the Tulare County Tax Collectors office 24 hours after verification of fee letter payment (guaranteed funds only).
  • Inter-Office to other county agency
  • United States Mail with in 24 hours

PLEASE NOTE:IT IS THE TAXPAYERS RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THE MAP CLEARANCE IS RECORDED IN A TIMELY MANNER. All maps not recorded with in one year from the original filed date at the Tax Collector’s office will have to start the process over from the beginning with the original filing agency.No new tax clearance certificates on the old map will be issued.

Taxpayer should also notify their financial institution when there is a map clearance in process under the parent parcel number

Once the map has been confirmed recorded:

 The taxpayer should note that it can take more than a year for the Tulare County Assessor’s office to process, assign new parcel/assessment number(s), value’s, and if/any change of ownership (the Process).During this time all questions, including the ones listed below, should be directed to the Tulare County Assessor’s office at (559) 636-5100:

    STATUS of:
        Parcel Line Adjustments (PLA)
        Waiver Parcel Map (WPM)
        Property Parcel Maps (PPM)
        CITY Property Parcel Map (City PPM)
        Subdivision Maps (SUBDIVISION)
        Tract Maps (TRACTS)
    Questions on:
        Map descriptions or types
        Values of the property
        roll corrections on the taxes
        or credits on the taxes
        If your financial institution needs additional information on the Process

PLEASE do not contact the Tulare County Tax Collector on any of the above questions.  This office does not handle the above questions and will only refer you to the Tulare County Assessor’s Office.  Tax Collector’s Office will be available to help with any questions on property tax payments.