Services and Programs

Services Available from Tulare County Department of Child Support Services (TCDCSS):

  • Parentage establishment
  • Establishment of court orders for child support
  • Medical Support (health insurance) - establishment and enforcement
  • Enforcement of child support orders (Collecting child support)
  • Modification of court orders (changing the monthly support amount)
  • Location of Non-Custodial Parents


Collections Programs

TCDCSS participates in various state and federal intercept programs (to collect unpaid support):

  • Interception of income tax refunds
  • Drivers/Professional License suspension and revocation through the State Licensing Match System SLMS
  • Franchise Tax Board full Collection
  • Federal prosecution of parents who flee the state to avoid payment of child support
  • Credit reporting
  • Coordination with Tulare County hospitals to ensure paternity is established, if the father is present at the birth of his child, and he signs the birth certificate