Items Accepted & Not Accepted

Items Accepted

• Air Conditioners
• Ashes, residential (must be cold)
• Bikes
• Boats (DMV junk slip required / no fluids)
• Box Springs
• Camper Shells
• Cars (whole/bodies) - (DMV junk slip required / no fluids)
• Christmas Trees
• Compressed Gas Cylinders (remove valve chuck)
• Confidential Files 
• Empty Aerosol Cans with no hazardous materials
• Freezers (doors must be off) extra charge
• Fuel Tanks (must be sectioned to prevent explosion)
• General Refuse
• Jacuzzi / Hot tubs / spas
• Mattresses
• Metal Barrels/Drums (must be empty)
• Mobile Home (DMV junk slip / no fluids)
• Motorcycles (DMV junk slip / no fluids)
• Municipal Solid Waste
• Non Friable Asbestos
• Oil Filters (not from commercial sources / must be drained)
• Palms
• Port a potties
• Refrigerators (doors must be off) extra charge
• Smelt pots
• Tires (whole/strips) 
• Trailers (DMV junk slip required / no fluids)
• Vineyard Wire
• Wastewater Treatment Facilities’ Grit & Screening
• Wood / Green Waste

Items Not Accepted

X Ammunition
X Ashes, commercial sources
X Batteries
X Batteries, dry cell / lead acid
Cell Phones
X Computer Monitors
Contaminated Soils
X Dead Animals
X Explosives
X Fertilizer Containers
X Fluorescent Lights
X Friable Asbestos
X Grease
X Infectious Waste
Liquid Waste
X Manure
X Microwaves
X Packing House Waste
X Printers
X Radioactive Waste
X Semisolid Waste
Sewage sludge
X Televisions
X Treated Wood
X Universal Waste