Trash Service

Trash Service

The County does not provide trash collection service. This is performed by your city or a private franchised hauler licensed by the County.

The County does not regulate collection services in the cities. For information regarding trash collection service and recycling programs, call your city.

• Dinuba, 559-591-5921
• Exeter, 559-592-3318
• Farmersville, 559-747-3330
• Lindsay, 559-562-5945
• Porterville, 559-782-7514
• Tulare, 559-685-2369
• Visalia, 1-855-203-1315
• Woodlake, 559-564-2317

In the unincorporated areas of Tulare County, the Board of Supervisors sets the rates the licensed haulers are allowed to charge for regular collection of municipal solid waste. The County requires these licensed haulers to serve everyone within their service area – even if you are the only customer for miles. In exchange for these restrictions and regulations, the licensed haulers have an exclusive right to provide collection service to the businesses and residences in their areas. Call us at 559-624-7195 to determine which licensed hauler serves your home or business.

• Miramonte Sanitation, 559-638-1313
• Pena Disposal, Inc., 559-528-3909
• Mid Valley Disposal (Three Rivers and Allied Disposal), 559-897-5217
• USA Waste (Waste Management), 1-800-870-9378
• South Tulare-Richgrove, 661-725-0265
• Tule Trash, 559-757-1045