The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) unit is responsible for developing and maintaining accurate, up to date, computer based mapping files for use by all County departments.  These maps generally depict land use, zoning and environmental resource information to be used by RMA during the planning and processing of projects.  Other responsibilities include support for other county GIS software users and training new GIS users when needed.

Esri training videos.  Every year, we purchase training videos presented at the Esri User Conference.  If you would like to watch some of these, please open a Request with the Service Desk so that we can get you access.

Some of the recently completed projects are:

  • Precinct maps for the Elections Department
  • Analysis of the conversion of farmland to urban uses for TCAG
  • Integration of the Pavement Management System into GIS for more ease of mapping for the Transportation Branch
  • Presentation maps for the Kaweah Scenic Highway Study
  • Comparison of Tax Rate Areas and the Assessor's Parcels for the Auditor's Office
  • Maps for the recent flood emergency for the Emergency Operations Center