JASON T. BRITT, County Administrative Officer/Clerk of the Board

Melinda Benton, Chief Clerk

Hilary Robello, Deputy Clerk

Mercedes Llamas, Deputy Clerk










Canceled Board Dates for 2019:

January 22nd May 28th October 1st
February 12th June 25th October 29th
February 19th July 2nd November 12th
March 5th July 16th November 26th
March 12th August 6th December 3rd
April 16th August 27th December 10th
April 23rd September 3rd December 24th
May 14th September 24th December 31st

Key Functions:

  • Clerk all Board of Supervisors meetings and record official actions.
  • Prepare Board of Supervisors meeting Agendas and Minutes.
  • Ensure compliance with County Procedures.
  • Maintain Records and indexing of documents dating back to 1852.
  • Custodian of the County of Tulare Ordinance Code
  • Maintain copies of the Conflict of Interest - Form 700 Statements for Department Heads.  Prepare annual notifications for the requirement for filing Conflict of Interest.  Conduct Biennial Code Review (even years), maintain files and respond to questions related to Conflict of Interest.
  • Maintain rosters for the Boards and Commissions, Committees and Special Districts.
  • Process recordation of maps.
  • Receive and process all Claims filed against the County.
  • Administer Oath of Offices for Board appointments.
  • Clerk all Assessment Appeals Board meetings as well as performing a myriad of administrative duties relative to the functioning of the assessment appeals process.

Mission Statement

The office of the County Administrator/Clerk of the Board, using our expertise, knowledge and skill, will respond to those requiring our services to help solve problems efficiently.  We are committed to providing high quality services fairly and courteously with integrity, accuracy and professionalism.