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Tule Fire

The Tule Fire is a U.S. Forest Service wildland fire that started on Monday, August 22, 2016, in Tulare County. The Tule Fire has been contained and is no longer a threat to the communities of Doyle Springs, Coffe Camp, Camp Nelson, and Scicon.

Cedar Fire

The Cedar Fire is a U.S. Forest Service wildland fire that started Tuesday, August 16, 2016, in Kern County. The Cedar Fire spread and continues to threaten communities in Tulare County.

Mandatory evacuations have been ordered for the following communities:

  • Posey
  • Pine Mountain
  • Sugar Loaf, including Sugar Mountain Park and Sugar Loaf Village
  • Panorama Heights
  • McClenny Tract
  • Spear Creek Mountain Homes
  • White River Summer Homes
  • Portuguese Meadow
  • Balance Rock
  • Idlewild
  • Poso Peak

Voluntary evacuations:

  • Johnsondale south to the Tulare/Kern County Line
  • Pine Flat
  • California Hot Springs

Current road closures include:

  • Highway 155
  • Highway 90
  • Old State Road
  • Mountain Forest Service Road 23 S 16
  • Mountain 9 (M-9) into Posey
  • M56 is closed at Fountain Springs into the evacuated areas around California Hot Springs.
  • Mountain 3 (M-3) Jack Ranch Road is closed at the junction of M109 and Road 421
  • Mountain 107 (M-107) at Mountain 50 is re-opened, but closed at Manter Meadow Road and Pine Flat Road near Pine Flat
  • Mountain 112 (M-112), Deer Creek Road, is closed at the junction of Road 296

Residents in the neighboring areas are encouraged to prepare for evacuation.

Road Closure Map:


8/26/16 Evacuation Update:

This notification is from the Tulare County Fire Department and the Tulare County Sheriff.

Effective at 3:00 pm, officials have downgraded the mandatory evacuation order for California Hot Springs and Pine Flat communities. Voluntary evacuations are still in place. Residents of these two communities previously evacuated due to the Cedar Fire may choose to return to their properties at this time. Residents must show proof of residence to posted law enforcement prior to entering the previously evacuated areas.

Though downgraded, conditions may change in the next 36 hours possibly causing officials to once again issue mandatory evacuations. Returning residents should show caution and personal safety and be aware of possible debris and smoke inhalation.

M50 and M107 has partially reopened, but will be closed at Manter Meadow Road and Pine Flat Road near Pine Flat.

The neighboring communities of White River Summer Homes, Pine Mountain Ranch Homes, and Rainbow Ranch Homes are still under mandatory evacuation orders.

For further information, please contact the Tulare County Emergency Operations Center at 559-623-0200 between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm.

Spear Creek Update:

Preliminary Reports of Structure Damage in Spear Creek due to Cedar Fire. Officials confirmed that six cabins in the Spear Creek Summer Homes have been destroyed by the Cedar Fire. Further investigations are underway as conditions improve for crews making damage assessments. Increased numbers are expected as information becomes available.

Due to the amount of dry fuels driving this fire and to the severe tree mortality, defensibility in the area is extremely difficult.

At this time, specific damaged home locations are unavailable. Fire officials will release more information as it becomes available.

Community Meeting:

A community meeting was held in Ducor on Sunday, August 22, 2016. You can view the community meeting on the Tulare County Sheriff's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TulareSheriff/.


American Red Cross evacuation shelter has been opened at Granite Hills High School, located at 1701 E. Putnam Ave., Porterville, and is capable of sheltering comfort animals (e.g. cats and dogs). Evacuees with large animals and livestock can contact Terry Way's Ranch and Equine Rescue at (918) 541-3572, located at 416 N. Anderson Way, Exeter.

Health Notice for Residents Returning to Wildfire Impacted Areas:

Tulare County Public Health Department advises residents returning to communities impacted by wildfires to take caution upon returning to their homes.

Residents are encouraged to take appropriate precautions such as the following:

  • Conduct a thorough inspection of structures, which may have been damaged, to prevent injury;
  • Wear personal protective equipment, including long-sleeved shirts and pants, hard hats, safety glasses, leather gloves, and steel toe boots, to reduce risk of injury;
  • Be aware of burnt or unstable trees on your route or on your property which may present hazards;
  • Do not enter a confined space (for example, septic tanks, storage tanks, utility vaults, wells) without proper training and equipment;
  • Seek support as needed for emotional stress and mental and physical fatigue resulting from evacuation from and return to your residence;
  • Avoid potential electrical hazards such as damaged power lines and electrical equipment that has been exposed to fire heat;
  • Be cautious around hazardous and potentially dangerous materials such as propane tanks, gasoline tanks, and chemicals, and seek professional help in assessing or removing any hazardous waste;
  • Use proper lifting techniques when removing debris and other items, and seek help from others when moving heavy or bulky items to reduce risk of musculoskeletal injuries;
  • Wear personal protective equipment to avoid exposure to smoke and ash, dispose of ash using vacuums equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters;
  • During clean up, use a particulate respirator mask, either P95 or P100 (sold at pharmacies), to provide protection from smoke and ash inhalation;
  • Avoid burned items that may contain hazardous materials. Avoid ash from decks and fences treated with chromated copper arsenate (a wood preservative) as it may contain lethal amounts of arsenic;
  • Do not consume any food, beverages, or medications that have been exposed to burn debris or ash;
  • Do not consume refrigerated or frozen food stored in appliances that may have lost electricity, and dispose of these items properly.

Always be aware of your surroundings, and proceed cautiously to avoid hazards when returning to an area affected by wildfire. Seek professional help when assessing potential hazards and seek medical assistance when necessary. Please contact the Public Health Department at 624-8000 or the Emergency Operations Center at 623-0200 with any questions.

For more information about the status of the Cedar Fire, please see the InciWeb page for the Cedar Fire.

Tree Mortality

Since 2012, record drought and record temperatures, have weakened trees throughout California, resulting in millions of acres of failing forestland that then become vulnerable to disease and infestation. Infestation, such as those caused by native bark beetles, have caused tree mortality of epidemic proportions.

The scale of tree mortality in California contributes to significantly increased wildfire risks, and presents life safety risks due to falling trees that can injure or kill people.

Due to these increased risks, California and Tulare County have proclaimed states of emergency for tree mortality.

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California is in the middle of one of the most severe droughts in recorded state history. In response to forecasted drought conditions through 2015, the Tulare County Board of Supervisors proclaimed a state of local emergency on February 4, 2014, following Governor Brown's State of Emergency proclamation of January 17, 2014. The County Board of Supervisors called for state legislators to place a water bond on a future ballot, and formed an ad hoc committee to address future water advocacy strategy.

Tulare County's Office of Emergency Services (OES) program has been tasked with the overal coordination of the County's responses to this drought emergency, and maintains this website for the purpose of distributing and collecting information, and for publishing a list of resources that may help provide a degree of relief to families that have been affected by the drought.

In Need of Assistance?

If you have been affected by the drought, and are in need of assistance, please check the following pages for information and resources:

Read more here.

Cooling Centers

The Tulare County Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program coordinates the operation of Cooling Centers throughout the County during the summer months.  Cooling Centers are operated voluntarily by their respective owners, as a service to the community. These facilities are equipped with air conditioning, seating, and restrooms, and may also provide vending machines, reading materials, and/or activities. Contact Cooling Centers near you to find out what services are offered and the hours of operation.

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