The County will not accept computer monitors or TVs at the landfills or transfer stations. The picture tube, also known as a cathode ray tube (CRT), is subject to hazardous waste regulations which went into effect 08/31/01 and must be handled with care.

Goodwill at 732-7922 and American Cancer Society Discovery Shop at 627-1955 will accept only operable color televisionsas a donation for continued use. 

Residents of Tulare County (proof of residency required) are welcome to drop off, free of charge, computer equipment/televisions to the following locations:

Recycle America Alliance (Tulare County Recycling)
26951 Road 140, Visalia, CA 
(559) 741-1766

E-Recycling Solutions (CSET)
30498 Diagonal 69
Goshen, CA
(559) 651-1032 or (559) 805-0417

Sunset Waste
1707 E Goshen Ave
Visalia, CA
(559) 739-1595


For additional locations, please call (559) 624-7195.