Treated wood is subject to hazardous waste regulations and can NOT be accepted at Tulare County landfills.

Please contact one of the following companies for proper disposal:

  • Kings Waste and Recycling Authority, Hanford, CA (559) 583-8829
  • Chemical Waste Management, Inc., Kettleman City, CA (559) 386-9711
  • Waste Management – McKittrick Waste Treatment Site, McKittrick, CA (661) 762-7366
  • Clean Harbors Disposal Site, Button Willow, CA (323) 277-2500
  • American Avenue Landfill, Kerman, CA (grape stakes only) (559) 600-4304

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) bans the burning of chemically treated grape stakes treated with arsenic, creosote, or other preservatives. These substances release toxic chemicals into the air as well as leave behind toxic ash when burned.

SJVAPCD does not allow growers to chip any treated wood as it creates toxic dust emissions. In addition, offering chemically treated wood for use as firewood is prohibited. Serious health problems have been reported as a result of exposure to chemically treated wood burning.

The National Resources Conservative Service, a branch of the Department of Agriculture, has allocated $450,000 to help farmers dispose of grape stakes treated with chemicals. For more information, contact the National Resource Conservative Service at (559) 734-8732, extension 3, or visit their website at