Illegal Dumping


Q: What is illegal dumping?

A: Illegal dumping is the dumping of any waste, such as furniture, appliances, oil, landscaping cuttings, trash, litter, etc., upon any public County/City property, public right-of-way or private property, without the consent of the owner.


Q: How do I report illegal dumping that occurs within the unincorporated areas of Tulare County?

A: If you observe someone illegally dumping material or, if you see a site in which illegal dumping has occurred, please use our Illegal Dumping Reporting Tool.


How to find your Hauler:

Type your full address into the box below to identify the provider of your trash services. Once your address is entered, press enter on your keyboard and the map will show the information of your hauler.


Q: Who do I contact if the illegally dumped material is within an incorporated area of Tulare County?

A: Local cities handle illegal dumping in various ways. Each city’s Solid Waste Department should be able to direct you appropriately.



Q: What do I do if I discover illegally dumped material on my property?

A: If your property is within the unincorporated areas of Tulare County, please contact the telephone numbers listed above. A Tulare County sheriff’s deputy will be sent to the site of the illegal dumping to investigate. If the deputy can determine that illegal dumping occurred, he/she will issue the property owner a one-time, landfill fee waiver that can be used at any Tulare County landfill location. The waiver allows the property owner to dispose of the illegally dumped material at no charge.

NOTE: A fee waiver does not waive any of the waste tire hauling regulations enforced by the State of California or any other government regulation, local or otherwise.