Conflict of Interest

Form 700 - Statement of Economic Interests

The Political Reform Act requires that certain officials and employees who serve in positions designated in an agency's Conflict-of-Interest Code must file a Form 700 - State of Economic Interests.  The Code lists each position within the Agency filled by individuals who make or participate in making governmental decisions that could affect their personal economic interests.  Additionally, there are members of Boards, Commissions and Committees and Special Districts who are required to file a Form 700 - Statement of Economic Interests.


Types of Statements

Assuming Office Statement:  If you are a newly appointed or are newly employed in a position designated in an agency's Conflict of Interest Code, you must file your Form 700 - Statement of Economic Interests within 30 days of assuming office with your official filing officer.  Your assuming office date is the date you were sworn in or otherwise authorized to serve in the position.

 Annual Statement:  The period covered is January 1 through December 31.  The deadline for filing the Annual Statements is April 1.  Statements postmarked by the filing deadline are considered filed on time.

 Leaving Office Statement:  The period covered is January 1 through the date you stopped performing the duties of your position and must be filed within 30 days of leaving your position with your official filing officer.


To File your Form 700

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Biennial Review of Conflict of Interest Codes

The Political Reform Act requires each county and every agency within the county’s jurisdiction not covered by the county’s conflict of interest code to review its code biennially and notify the Board of Supervisors as to whether or not the code needs to be amended. The completed biennial notice must be submitted to the Board of Supervisors no later than October 1, 2024. The appropriate documents are listed below and may be accessed on the FPPC’s website.

2024 Local Agency Notice

2024 Local Agency Notice Instructions

How to Review a Conflict of Interest 

Government Code Sections 87302, 87302.6, 87303, 87306, 87306.5, 87307, 87309, 87310, 87311, and 87314 can be viewed in the Political Reform Act.