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Treasurer-Tax Collector

Our mission is to efficiently and effectively collect, manage, and safeguard public funds so as to provide community services to the constituents of Tulare County


Picture of The Auditor-Controller Treasurer-Tax Collector of Tulare County, Cass Cook

Cass Cook

•  Auditor-Controller

•  Treasurer-Tax Collector

Treasurer - Tax Collector:


221 South Mooney Blvd.

Room 104 E

Visalia, CA 93291

Property Tax Bill by Phone, Call (877) 736-9055

Email: Taxhelp@tularecounty.ca.gov

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Tax Collector

Accounting (Fiscal)

The main functions of the Accounting Section are to see to it that the payments are applied to the individual accounts correctly and promptly and to report the collections and appointment to the Auditor's Office for distribution to the schools, cities and special districts. This unit provides the following cashiering services.


The cashier's section takes the deposit from the offices within the County and payment of taxes from tax payers. These collections are deposited to the bank for investments and payment of disbursements made by the offices in the County. The bulk of the payments are received in August for Unsecured Taxes and December and April for Secured Taxes.

The cashiers process the payments of taxes through a cashiering system and lockbox payments and apply them to the individual accounts. Payments processed during the day are posted as paid on the tax roll the next day.

The cashiers also provides the following cashiering services:

  • Receive tax payments (cash and checks) at the cashier counters and process such payments, including mail remittances, through the Property Information Management System on a daily basis

  • Process overpayment refunds

  • Process return checks from tax payments

Secured Property Current Year Tax Information

The primary responsibilities of the secured property current year unit are the preparation and distribution of current year regular and supplemental tax bills and corrected tax bills, provide tax information and assistance, process payments and payment notices. The unit provides the following current year secured property tax services:

  •   Process current tax bills

  •   Process lost checks

  •   Return incorrect payments

  •   Process supplemental assessments

  •   Process tax payment receipts

  •   Process microfiche and tape sales

  •   Process accounts serviced by lenders

  •   Provide general information

  •   Process segregation, separations and adjustments

Prior Year Secured Delinquent Tax Redemption

Properties for which taxes are unpaid at the close of the fiscal year are declared Tax-Defaulted for that fiscal year. This unit provides the following prior year tax services:

  •   Redemption information

  •   Subdivision maps

  •   Installment plans

  •   Senior Citizen Property Tax Postponement

  •   Process delinquent tax payment receipts

Prior Year Secured Tax Defaulted Property

The Tax Collector may offer Tax-Defaulted property, where the taxes remain unpaid for five years or more, for sale through a public auction. This unit provides the following prior year tax services:

  •   Publication of tax defaulted property

  •   Auction sales of tax defaulted property

  •   Sales of tax defaulted property to public agencies

  •   Sealed bid sales of tax defaulted property

Unsecured Property Tax Administration and Information

The primary responsibilities of the unsecured property tax administration unit are the preparation and distribution of tax bills, providing tax information and assistance, administrate tax liens and process payments, payment notices and collection action. This unit provides the following current year and prior year unsecured property tax services:

  •   Title demands

  •   Property tax billing

  •   Bankruptcies

  •   Alcohol beverage control hold and hold removal

  •   Process payment receipts, current and prior

  •   Process adjusted bills, escapes and refund claims

  •   Issue mobile home tax clearances

  •   Unsecured tax roll inquiries and information

  •   Process possessory interest payments

  •   Bulk transfers File and release certification of liens

Unsecured Property Tax Collection Enforcement

When delinquent unsecured taxes become subject to collection, this unit provides the following delinquent current year and prior years unsecured tax collection enforcement services:

  •   Processing of liens and summary judgments

  •   Process seizures

  •   Orders of examinations

  •   Seizure and sale of unsecured property

  •   Bank account levies

  •   Discretionary installment plan

  •   Process payment receipts

  •   Skip tracing

  •   Bankruptcy claims and enforcement Mandated Service

Payment Information

You can obtain Taxes due and make payments online by clicking on "My Taxes."  To pay your property tax by phone, call 1-877-736-9055. If you need additional assistance, you may speak with a tax representative during office hours of 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. by calling (559) 636-5250 or sending an e-mail to taxhelp@tularecounty.ca.gov.

Mandated Services

The California Revenue and Taxation Code, Section 2602 and the Charter of Tulare County requires the Tax Collector to collect and process all property taxes and to receive and safe keep county revenues from all other sources. Tulare County Ordinance #6-03-1000 requires that the Tax Collector issue annual business licenses in Tulare county's unincorporated areas and to collect and process business license taxes.