Tulare County · California

Treasurer-Tax Collector

Our mission is to efficiently and effectively collect, manage, and safeguard public funds so as to provide community services to the constituents of Tulare County


Picture of The Auditor-Controller Treasurer-Tax Collector of Tulare County, Cass Cook

Cass Cook

•  Auditor-Controller

•  Treasurer-Tax Collector

Treasurer - Tax Collector:


221 South Mooney Blvd.

Room 104 E

Visalia, CA 93291

Property Tax Bill by Phone, Call (877) 736-9055

Email: Taxhelp@tularecounty.ca.gov

Fraud Hotline


Below are questions that are frequently asked of the Tulare County Tax Collector.  For answers, click on the desired question below. Use your browser's back arrow to return to the list of questions.  Below is a description of what part of the tax process County Departments are responsible for:

  • The County Assessor determines the person or entity to be assessed, the value of the property and transmits that information to the County Auditor-Controller.
  •  The Auditor-Controller computes the amount of tax due by multiplying the taxable value of the property by the applicable tax rate (the tax rate is equal to 1 percent (1%) plus bonded debt for the location of the assessed property within the County) to determine the amount of tax.
  •  It is the Tax Collector's responsibility to mail the tax bill and collect the amount due as computed by the Auditor-Controller Division.
  •  It is the Auditor-Controller’s responsibility to allocate and distribute the correct tax amount due to the various taxing entities and special assessment districts.

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