Supervisor Monthly Message - District 1 - September, 2020

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Tulare County spans over 4,800 square miles, of which over half is part of the Sequoia National Forest/Monument, Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks, and Bureau of Land Management lands. We have a beautiful back-country that complements our productive agriculture. Our mountains and forests provide enormous recreation opportunities. Those same places also bring additional risks.


Devastating wildfires are now the norm for California. Unfortunately, Tulare County is not an exception to this rule. The brave men and women of the Tulare County Fire Department are regularly assisting with fires all over the state, in addition to those in our own area such as the Castle Fire in the Golden Trout Wilderness. We are fortunate to have a dedicated group of individuals who are willing to sacrifice their lives to keep us safe.


With these disastrous risks in mind, here are some helpful tools to deal with prevention of fires and dealing with their effects:



In the longer term, this Board has been committed to finding long term solutions to prevent catastrophic wildfires by advocating for policies in Sacramento and Washington that support healthy forests. Those policies include mechanical thinning, prescribed burns, reforestation, protecting our Giant Sequoias, and promoting recreation.


This is one topic of many that we work on regularly.


Kuyler Crocker

Tulare County Supervisor, District 1