Supervisor Monthly Message ~ District 4 ~ October 2021

As we enter the Fall season, this time of year calls for gratitude, brisk weather, and lots of orange ornamentation. …Yet, I know it’s hard to think of these because of what we’re facing today.  

COVID-19 continues, fires are nearby, and the smoke isn’t helping either. Despite these challenges and more, I know the County of Tulare is a resilient team. And, we continue to face these challenges together.  

I’m a firm believer that,  
When we rise together, we will not fall together. 
When we win together, we will not lose together.  
When we float together, we will not sink together. 
And, when we move together, we will not stall together. 

Teamwork is so important and I am thankful you are on our team. As a county family, we have committed ourselves to embarking on this journey together for the betterment of all. We need people like you who will step up and commit to improving and sustaining the County's safety, economic well-being, and quality of life. You are the part that helps us realize our cause, mission and vision.  

There will be many times over when you will want to give up or walk away. However, I want to encourage you to stay the course because your work changes lives and impacts our county, region and state.  

Thank you for your time, service, and commitment to Tulare County.  


Eddie Valero

District 4 Supervisor