The Tulare County Fire Department is a fairly new department as far as full-service fire departments go. The department was created and began operations on July 1, 2007. The Department strives to make the mission statement, core values, and vision statement, the focal point of everything the Department does. 


All of the County fire stations were originally staffed with one person per shift. As of January 2022, six of the stations have been increased to two full time personnel per shift. The Department continues to work towards increasing the number of stations staffed with two full time personnel. 


In September of 2017, the Department moved its headquarters from its original location in Farmersville to the building it currently occupies at 835 S. Akers St. in Visalia. The move allowed for the Tulare County Emergency Operations Center to reside within the Department. The Fire Department headquarters are also located in the same building as the Tulare County Sheriff's Department. The co-location of the County's emergency services allows for collaboration between the three Departments which in turn, improves services for the residents of the County.