Prevention Division



This element of the department encompasses several areas that are vital to the department mission. These areas are Fire Prevention, Fire Communications Center (FireComm) and Fleet Services.


The Tulare County Fire Department (TCFD) is responsible for protecting lives and property within the County of Tulare. The Department’s employees are among some of the most professional fire suppression and rescue personnel in the state. Employees of the Department serve with duty, honor and pride. The goal of the Department is to provide exceptional service to the citizens of the County. Sometimes; however, as with any organization, employees will deviate from this goal. The Department has an established process for investigating all complaints received from the public. This process protects the public in that it ensures a fair, efficient and impartial evaluation of complaints of alleged misconduct. Additionally, it protects employees of the Department against false or misinformed allegations of misconduct.

How to submit a complaint

Anyone who has a concern about the conduct of an employee, the Department’s operations or any of our processes can notify us by checking the acknowledgement box below and then clicking the button labeled "Submit Complaint".

Acknowledge an outstanding TCFD employee

Help us identify those employees who contribute towards accomplishing our goal of providing exceptional service to the citizens of Tulare County.  We encourage you to click below to complete and submit the form if you observed one of the Department’s employees providing exceptional customer service checking the acknowledgement box.