A head and shoulders portrait of Captain Harold Liles in uniform in front of an American Flag.

Captain Harold Liles

Emergency Services
     Lt. Rodney Parker
          Homeless Enf. & Res. Team
          Aviation Support Unit
          UAV Program
          Boating Safety Enf. Unit
          *L.E. Mutual Aid
          *O.E.S./Homeland Security
          *K9 Unit
          *Search & Rescue (Sworn)
          *Search & Rescue (Volunteer)
          Honor Guard
          Swiftwater Dive Rescue

Public Relations and Youth Development
     Lt. Nathan Polk
       Youth Services
        Police Activities League

Employee & Public Relations
    Ashley Schwarm
          *Public Information Office
          *Com. Relations/ Crime Prev.

   Lt. Cyrena Robles
         Dinuba Court
         Family Support Services
         Juvenile Court
         Porterville Court
         Pre-Trial Court
         Visalia Court