Civil Services

The Civil Services Unit is housed in the Visalia Courthouse Building at:

221 S. Mooney Blvd. Room 102
Visalia, CA 93291

Telephone: 559-636-5090
Fax: 559-713-3794


Eviction - Instruction Sheet

Sheriff Instructions SPANISH

Sheriff Instructions ENGLISH

Sheriff Bank Levy Instructions

The Services and Fee Schedule is listed as follows:

Effective February 1, 2022                Fees*

Tulare County Sheriff's Office Civil Fee Schedule

All Service of Process-Per Document (California Courts)

$40.00 per person served

All Service of Process (Out of State Courts Notary Fee) *(Most out of State Proofs must be Notarized)

$15.00 per person served/per POS

All Service of Process (Out of State Courts)

$40.00 per person served

Bank Levies, Third Party Levies


Bank Levy (Fee to Open Safe Deposit Box)


Civil Warrants   FTA-  Orders for Examination

All other civil bench warrants including the “1993”



Earnings Withholding Orders (Wage Garnishments)




Keeper Levy (Initial Deposit) 8 hours


Keeper Levy (Subsequent Levies)


Levies (Personal and Real Property)


Personal Property Vehicle Levy (Initial Deposit)


Till Tap


The Sheriff is entitled to his fees whether or not the service is completed. (CA Govt. Code § 26736&36738).  We cannot guarantee that our service will always be successful.

All Fees must be paid prior to us performing any service (CA Govt. Code§ 6103.2).