Advancing Your Public Service Career

For current County employees there are two paths in obtaining a different position not available to the public;  Promotional opportunities and Transfers.


Promotional opportunities are those that are for a job classification that may have a higher maximum pay rate. County employees in regular or probationary status can apply for Promotional opportunities through the website. The advantage to current employees is that you do not have to "compete" for these openings with the general public. Promotional recruitments are only open to current Tulare County employees in regular or probationary status. Extra help cannot apply for promotional opportunities. 

Promotional job openings are listed on the weekly "Summary Flyer" that HRD distributes to each department and is also posted on our website that is updated each Monday. To view current promotional openings click here.


Transferring to another department or within the same department in the same or similar classification, is another resource available to employees to assist in career growth. Transfer opportunities are only open to regular or probationary Tulare County employees. An employee may submit a "transfer" application to another position at any time. Several transfer classes are now listed on our website. To transfer, the job classification must be equivalent or similar as determined by HRD, and are generally within a 5% salary difference. (However, a transfer/demote to a lower paying class may fall beyond the 5% decrease).

An approved Transfer application is active for one year or up to three interview referrals. Once your application expires, you may submit another transfer form. If you are placed on the Transfer list and know of a department or supervisor you wish to work for, you may want to contact them to advise them you are available for work and wish to transfer. A transfer can provide an opportunity to learn different skills in a new area.

To view current transfer opportunities click here.