Leaving & Returning to Tulare County Service


If you leave the Tulare County workforce and wish to return at a future date, you may be eligible to Reinstate. The advantage to you is that you do not compete with the general public for a job opening in the classification you previously held and you may accrue your vacation leave at a higher rate. To be eligible to Reinstate, you must have resigned from the County for a minimum period of 30 days, have left the County in good standing, provided at least two weeks advance notice, and have an acceptable performance  appraisal, and have been in regular or probationary status when you left service.

Reinstatement applications are submitted online. Contact the Tulare County Human Resources Development office at (559) 636-4900 to make arrangements to submit an online reinstatement application.

Reinstatement applications can be obtained through HRD and can be filed online for specified job classes. To be eligible to Reinstate an employee may, within two (2) years, be reinstated in a position in the same class at a step in the salary range which is the same salary step that the employee was  receiving at the time of resignation.  In addition, such a former employee may, within such two (2) year period, be reinstated in a position with similar minimum qualifications in the same class at a salary step within the assigned salary range which is nearest to one (1) step lower than the salary step that the employee was receiving at the time of  resignation.  When a former employee is reinstated after a separation of less than two years from County service, he will not be required to serve a probationary period, unless a probationary period was not completed during the first period of employment with the County.  If a former employee is reinstated after a separation from County service of greater than two (2) years but less than five (5) years, a new probation period will be required, and the employee will be reinstated to a salary step which is one (1) step lower than the step they left at.  If a former employee seeks reinstatement after a separation of more than five (5) years, reinstatement will be denied.  This    denial will not prohibit the former employee from seeking employment through the  competitive process and, if appointed, will be treated as though a new hire with the expectation of serving a new probationary period.


Re-employment is available to County employees in regular or probationary status who left County service through a layoff and are re-employed within a two year period. The former employee is re-employed or hired into the same or lower job class in the series from which they were laid off. When a vacancy occurs in a  department, the names on the re-employment list for that class are referred for consideration. Former employees are on the Re-employment list for two years or are removed before that time if they are referred for two offers of employment and refuse.