Employee/Employer Relations

In this section of our site we have included the Memoranda of Understanding, referred to as MOU’s that are the contracts or agreements with the various organizations and associations representing Bargaining Units of employees. The County has categorized similar occupations or job classifications into Bargaining Units. These units may be represented by an employee organization or association that has negotiated terms and conditions of employment such as basic employment rights, compensation, and benefit packages for specific units. Each MOU may have a different term date, some maybe over multiple years, while others are for a year duration.

Unrepresented employees are those that are not in a union or association and are generally classified as professional, management, and/or department heads and assistant department heads. These employees fall under the guidance of the Personnel Rules, Administrative Regulations, and Policies and do not have specialized provisions contained in an MOU.

The Board of Supervisors has adopted an Employment Relations Policy establishing guidelines and regulations for the orderly representation of County employees by their chosen organization.

The County has a formalized system for resolving conflicts in the workplace known as the Grievance Procedure. This is a tool to resolve or discuss issues regarding working conditions, interpretations of Personnel Rules and Administrative Regulations, or interpretation of content in Memoranda of Understanding (MOU). The process first begins with an informal discussion between an employee(s) and their Supervisor. If issues are not resolved at that level, then an employee can file a formal grievance using a specified form, with Human Resources & Development. The procedures and steps in the process are outlined on the form. Many conflicts are due to miscommunication that can be resolved and corrected at the department level and employees are encouraged to utilize the informal procedures prior to filing a Grievance Form.

The County has a formalized process known as Progressive Discipline to correct deficiencies in employee performance, to assure improvement to meet appropriate standards, to correct violations of Personnel Rules, and/or in some cases to remove or terminate an employee from County service.

Tulare County’s progressive discipline system is based on the premise that disciplinary actions are to be corrective rather than punitive. Progressive disciplinary actions may range from informal conversations to formal discharge.