Loans at Work

Loans at Work, a service provided by BMG Money offers emergency unsecured loans with fixed repayments over terms up to 24 months to qualifying employees. Employees must be in a regular, full-time status for at least 12 months to qualify for a loan. The loan application process is done online between the borrower/employee and BMG with average approval time completed in 24-40 hours. Repayment is managed through automatic payroll deductions making the borrower accountable and responsible for the financial agreement. If the employee goes on an unpaid leave of absence and off of payroll, then they are no longer eligible for future loans and BMG will seek collections. If the employee leaves County of Tulare prior to paying off a loan, then BMG works cooperatively with the borrower on collections.


Employees can access information at and apply online. Enrolling/applying for a loan is easy, fast and confidential. Employees may also contact Loans at Work/ BMG at 1-800-316-8507.