Tulare County Homepage

Centrally located within the State of California, Tulare County is situated in a delightful and geographically - diverse region. The County includes an area of 4,863 square miles. Mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada range rise to more than 14,000 feet in its Eastern half. Meanwhile, the extensively cultivated and very fertile valley floor in the Western half, has allowed Tulare County to become the second-leading producer of agricultural commodities in the United States. In addition to substantial packing / shipping operations, light and medium manufacturing plants are increasing in number and are becoming an important factor in the County's total economic picture.

The County has a growing population of 451,977. The Eastern half of the County is comprised primarily of public lands within the Sequoia National Park, National Forest, and the Mineral King, Golden Trout, and Domelands Wilderness areas. Opportunities for all-season outdoor recreation include: hiking, water and snow skiing, fishing, and boating.

Visalia, the County seat, is the gateway to Sequoia National Park and a variety of recreational activities. The city, with a population of 127,081 is within a four hour drive of either San Francisco or Los Angeles, and a 2-1/2 hour drive of California's central coastline. Its family-oriented lifestyle and affordable housing have proven attractive to people from all areas of the state and country.

Tulare County Probation Department

The Tulare County Probation Department protects the community by conducting Court investigations; enforcing court orders; assisting victims; and implementing prevention, intervention, supervision and offender accountability programs.

Tulare County District Attorney's Office

The mission of the Office of the District Attorney is to represent the people of the State of California in an efficient, effective and ethical manner as an administrator of justice and a protector of the guarantees set forth in the Constitution of the State of California and the United States of America.

We actively protect the citizens of Tulare County from violence and exploitation through aggressive investigation, prosecution and enforcement of all criminal and civil laws.

In furtherance of our mission, we vigorously seek civil remedies on behalf of defrauded consumers and businesses put at a competitive disadvantage by unfair business practices, protect our elderly and children and provide compassion and support for victims of crime.

Also, in furtherance of our mission, we participate in the life of our community, support appropriate efforts to prevent crime, provide opportunities for our youth to make intelligent choices and educate our citizens about the causes of crime and its impact on our quality of life and democratic system of self-government.

Our office consists of hard-working professionals of the highest integrity, skill and courage. We are dedicated to the attainment of justice and strive to make Tulare County a safer and better place to live.

Human Resources and Development

HR&D continually assesses the personnel needs of the County to develop or enhance policies and procedures, facilitate career advancement opportunities, and analyze positions to ensure correct classification and compensation. HR&D is also responsible for advising managers and staff on County Personnel Rules and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) interpretations, disciplinary matters, and various labor laws such as the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and other leave entitlements.