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Tulare County

Office of the Assessor/Clerk-Recorder

Private Solicitations

Consumers should be wary of solicitations requesting fees ranging from $100 - $500 for services provided by the Assessor/Clerk-Recorder for a substantially lower cost or at no charge. Property owners should also be vigilant of notices mailed by private companies that may be deceptive attempts to collect money by claiming an amount of taxes or fees owed to a county or state agency.

Notice of Tax Lien

If you or your business has received notices stating, "Notice of Lien," "2024 Important Documentation Enclosed," "Tax Investigation Public Lien Records," and "Amount due immediately," these may be fraudulent payment requests. Before contacting the sender, you can look up any recorded liens under your name using the County Recorder's online index of recorded documents. If you locate a lien that you have further questions about, contact our office with the document number at (559) 636-5050 or Recorder@tularecounty.ca.gov.  

Fictitious Business Names

If you own a business and have received solicitations from a private company offering to renew your fictitious business name statement for a fee, you can renew directly with the County Clerk’s Office for a substantially lower amount. Visit our Fictitious Business Names page for information on how to file, how to search for a fictitious business name and frequently asked questions.

Homeowners' Exemption

If you own a home and have received a solicitation from a private company offering to save you money on your annual property taxes for a fee, you can apply for a Homeowners' Property Tax Exemption with the Assessor's Office for no charge. Visit our Homeowners' Exemption webpage to learn how to qualify and download an application.

Official Records

If you receive a notice offering to sell you copies of official records, such as a grant deed or deed of trust, you may obtain copies directly from the County Recorder for a nominal fee. To search for recorded documents and learn how to obtain copies, visit our Recorded Documents page.

Property Assessment Profile

If you own a home and have received solicitations from a private company offering to sell you a copy of your “property assessment profile,” this information is available for viewing on the Assessor's website free of charge. The Assessor's property search tool allows you to look up property information, tax roll values and physical characteristic data for any active assessment.