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Williamson Act Direct Charge Estimates

The California Land Conservation Act of 1965
Also known as Williamson Act or "Ag Preserve", enables local governments to enter into a contract with landowners for the purpose of restricting certain parcels of land to agricultural or open space use. In return, the landowner enjoys a large property tax savings. Per the Open Space Subvention Act of 1971, The State would make up for some of the lost revenue on the Local Governments behalf.
As a result of the State's decision to eliminate State financial support for the Williamson Act program, AB-1265 was introduced as a short term solution, passing in 2011

To approximate the impact of the additional amount due to AB 1265, the Tulare County Assessor / Clerk-Recorder has placed this estimate below. For a rough estimate of property taxes owed, look up your APN in the tables below. Any changes for the year in question will alter the additional amount due for the upcoming tax year.


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