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Tulare County - California

Office of the Assessor/Clerk-Recorder

About Business Property Statements

Business property owners must file a property statement each year detailing the acquisition cost of all supplies, equipment, fixtures, and improvements owned at each location within the County of Tulare. 

All lessors are required to report equipment out on lease in the County of Tulare, regardless of any assigned tax responsibilities. All leased equipment including leases to public utilities, leases to public schools and free museums, and leases to other educational or charitable institutions must be reported.

Per Revenue & Taxation Code, Section 441, you must file a statement if…

  • The Assessor’s Office has sent you one of the two documents: (1) Notice of Requirement to File Business Property Statement; and OR

  • You have taxable business property with a total cost of $100,000 or more, located within the County as of January 1 of each year, even if the Assessor’s Office did not send you one of the above notices; OR

  • If you have not filed a Form 571-L in past years because you were on Direct Billing (assessed based on existing information in our files), you will receive a notice to file Form 571-L this year because State Law requires a periodic update of Direct Bill accounts. Please file a Form 571-L to reaffirm your business’ assessed value has stayed the same, or to reflect changes that have taken place resulting in increases or decreases in value of your business property.

If you are a lessor, our office prefers to collect reporting data on all leased equipment (Form 571-L, Part II, Equipment Out on Lease or Rent to Others) in electronic format. If you have any questions, please contact us 

Failure to file the property statement will result in the Assessor’s Office estimating the value of your business property and adding a 10% penalty to the assessment (R&T Code, Sections 441, 463, and 501).