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Tulare County

Office of the Assessor/Clerk-Recorder

Agent Authorization

The below named person is hereby authorized to act on my/our behalf as agent in assessment matters for the property listed below and, if applicable, on the attached list, which are owned, possessed, controlled or managed by the undersigned.

The undersigned certifies that they own, possess, control or manage the property referenced in this authorization and that they have the authority to designate an agent to act on behalf of all of the owners of said property. The undersigned acknowledges delegation of authority to the designated agent and retains full responsibility for any and all actions this agent makes on behalf of the owner. The undersigned also acknowledges they may be required to furnish additional information which the Assessor may request directly from the owner or through the agent.

This agent is delegated full authority to handle all assessment matters with your office. Agent shall have access to all information and materials that would be available to the undersigned.


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Authorization of Agent


Allows delegation of authority to designated agent