Greetings from the Tulare County Resource Management Agency (RMA), where we strive to provide quality public services to the unincorporated communities of our County in a professional and timely manner. RMA was created in 1996 when the County’s Public Works, Planning, and Community Development/Redevelopment Divisions merged. There are three branches of our Agency: Public Works, Fiscal Services, and Planning & Economic Development.

Our Planning and Building Division provides construction inspection services, building permits, environmental planning documents and reports, community plans (which includes the Tulare County General Plan), and maintains zoning codes and entitlements.

Our Public Works Division oversees the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of roads, traffic signals, bridges, airports, sewers, flood control, water supply, water quality, and water conservation facilities within Tulare County.

The Fiscal Services branch provides budget direction and oversight for our programs and services through clerical, employee safety, accounting and human resource tasks.

The Economic Development Department serves to support and enhance Tulare County’s local economy through job creation, promotion of business development and expansion, as well as tourism of our region.

Whether you are a resident, developer, builder, or business owner, we are here to support you as we accomplish our mission of protecting the health and safety of our residents, and preserve the environmental resources of our County.

Reed Schenke


RMA Leadership Team
Reed Schenke, RMA Director
Michael Washam, RMA Associate Director

Sherman Dix, Assistant Director of Fiscal Services

Aaron Bock, Assistant Director of Economic Development & Planning