Encroachment Permit

Any work to be performed within Tulare County maintained road right-of-way requires the issuance of an encroachment permit. Email us at EncroachmentPermits@tularecounty.ca.gov or call 559-624-7073 for more information.
There are three (3) types:

1. Blue application form - Utility/Public Agency Permit Application
2. Yellow application form - All concrete work including curb and gutter/concrete drives/sidewalk
3. White application form - All other work including sewer, water, electric service, paved driveways, pipeline, TV cable, etc.

Notice To Encroachment Permittees

Encroachment Permit Requirements

Encroachment Bond

General Encroachment Permit Application

Concrete Work Encroachment Permit Application

Utility Encroachment Permit Application

Certificate of Insurance

Transportation Permit

Email us at TransportationPermits@tularecounty.ca.gov or call 559-624-7073 for more information. To move over-size structures or equipment that do not meet legal load requirements on Tulare County maintained roadways. 

Requires liability insurance certificate only.

Notice to Transportation Permittees

Certificate of Insurance Sample

Sample Annual Transportation/Moving Permit Application

Sample One-Time Trip Transportation/Moving Permit Application

Blank Annual Transportation/Moving Permit Application

Blank One-Time Transportation/Moving Permit Application

Transportation Permit - Rider Form


Updated Truck Route Maps (Updated March 2019)

5 Axle Truck Route Map (Final)

7 Axle Truck Route Map (Final)

9 Axle Truck Route Map (Final)

11 Axle Truck Route Map (Final)

13 Axle Truck Route Map (Final)

Bridge weight limits revised 02-05-20