Curb and Sidewalk Reimbursement Program

California Streets and Highway Code section 5610 requires that property owners whose lots are adjacent to any portion of a public street maintain the sidewalks and various private improvements in the public Right of Way. The new County of Tulare Curb & Sidewalk Reimbursement Program (CSRP) is envisioned to financially assist property owners in residential areas with installing or making repairs to curbs, sidewalks, ADA ramps, and driveway approaches abutting their properties.

Additionally, applications for the CSRP will be processed as received and reimbursements will be made on a first-come, first-served basis until funds allocated for the year have been exhausted. For questions, contact us via or call us at (559) 624-7073. 

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Reimbursable Type of Work

  • Curb and Gutter - $25 per linear ft.*
  • Sidewalk - $15 per linear ft.*
  • ADA Ramp - $1,400 per ramp (gutter not included) *
  • *Total reimbursement work shall not exceed $4,000



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