The County owns and manages historic Sequoia Field (D86), located north of Visalia.  Originally used for flight training of pilots during World War II, Sequoia Field is now a general aviation airport.  The County has undertaken significant improvement projects in the last several years, including repaving the runway and taxiway and expanding the apron, which are all in good repair.  The runway is uncontrolled and there is no landing fee.
The north hangar of Sequoia Field is currently used as storage for fixed aircraft, and space is available for lease at $50 per month (as of 5/1/18).  There is also tie-down space available on the runway for lease at $15 per month (as of 5/1/18).  There are also three portable T-hangars, and additional space may be available for lease.  For leasing information, please call Property Management at (559) 625-7227.  

For additional information regarding Sequoia Field, please call Resource Management Agency at (559) 624-7000.
Airport Information:
CTAF:     122.9
Runway Length: 3040’
Runway Width: 60’
Runway End Coordinates (Runway 13): N36°27’05.193”, W119°19’18.010”
Runway End Coordinates (Runway 31): N36°26’41.195”, W119°18’55.597”
Runway End Elevation (Runway 13): 312.8’
Runway End Elevation (Runway 31): 314.6’
Landing Fee: None
Note: Runway 13 has a displaced threshold.


For the Tulare County Comprehensive Airport Land Use Plan click HERE