By law, building permits and inspections are required for new construction, additions, and remodeling work to confirm that all structures meet applicable County, State and Federal Building Codes.  

The County of Tulare regulates construction and development to safeguard and ensure the health and safety of the public. As part of the permit process, plans are reviewed to ensure compliance with the adopted codes. Building permits are issued for new construction as well as for additions to and remodeling of existing buildings and structures. Most repairs or alterations require a building permit.

We inspect all Residential, Commercial and Industrial for compliance with code and scope of work in accordance with building permits.  Inspection requests are taken by phone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Requests received before 12:00 am Monday thru Friday will be scheduled for the following business day. To make an inspection request, call the Tulare County Inspection IVR System (a recording) at (559) 624-7104 and follow the instructions.

Before making the call please have the following information available:

  • IVR Pin Number
  • Building Permit Number
  • Inspection Code Number

Inspections can also be requested online by using the Tulare County Citizen Access Portal:


  1. A building permit should be obtained before any construction work begins.
  2. The permit must be on site at all times throughout the construction/modification phase. A set of County-approved plans (stamped "APPROVED") are required to be on site for each inspection.
  3. Permit holder is responsible to request inspections on their projects.
  4. At the time of an inspection request, the work to be inspected needs to be complete and ready for the inspector.
  5. All conditions from other departments shall be met before a “final” inspection can be performed.
  6. Buildings will not be occupied before a final inspection approval by the Building/Zoning Inspector.


2022 California Building Codes 

All permit applications must comply with the provisions of the 2022 California Building Codes which include the following: