Recently Approved/Adopted Environmental Impact Reports


Projects approved/adopted within the last year (12 months) are listed below. The links contain the Environmental Impact Report and other associated environmental documents prepared for each project. Projects are sorted alphabetically by name.

April 9, 2021
Cutler-Orosi Community Plan 2021 Update

This page contains the environmental documents prepared for the Cutler-Orosi Community Plan 2021 Update.

November 2, 2020
Hampton Inn & Suites - Three Rivers

This folder contains the environmental documents related to the Hampton Inn & Suites - Three Rivers Project.

March 16, 2022
Rexford 2 Solar Farm Project (PSP 22-006)

This folder contains the environmental documents prepared for the Supplemental Environmental Impact Report for the Rexford 2 Solar Project.

September 14, 2018
Sequoia Gateway Commerce Park

1/6/22 - Second Addendum to the EIR available for public review.

5/24/19 - First Addendum to the EIR available for public review.

11/2/18 - The Final Environmental Impact Report is available for agency and public review starting on Friday, November 2, 2018, and includes the following documents:

  • Response to Comments (Chapter 9 of the EIR);
  • Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (Chapter 8 of the EIR); and
  • Errata and Corrected Pages of the EIR.

9/14/18 - The Draft Environmental Impact Report (PDF version) includes the following documents:

  • Notice of Availability that was published in the Visalia Times Delta on Friday, September 14, 2018;
  • Draft Environmental Impact Report; and
  • Appendices A through J.
December 4, 2018
Woodville Landfill Expansion Project

12/4/18 - Notice of Preparation comment period December 4, 2018, through January 3, 2019.

4/14/21 - Draft Environmental Impact Report review and comment period begins Friday, April 16, 2021 and ends Monday, May 31, 2021.

6/18/21 - Final Environmental Impact Report available for review.