Countywide Planning prepares and maintains numerous community plans for unincorporated areas of the county. Current community planning tasks include the following:

  • Goshen Transportation & Community Plan Preparation
    Caltrans Transportation Grant for the community of Goshen was awarded to the County of Tulare for preparation of a Transportation and Community Plan. When completed, the plan will be used as the basis for an amendment to the current Goshen Community Plan.
  • Sustainable Highway 99 Corridor Plan Preparation
    A Strategic Growth Council Grant was awarded to the County of Tulare for preparation of a sustainable highway corridor plan. Planning for the 55 mile long Highway 99 corridor will affect the unincorporated communities of Traver, Goshen, Tipton, Pixley and Earlimart.
  • Community Plan – Implementation Work Program
    Based upon the adopted 2030 General Plan Update, an implementation work program for community plans is being prepared. All community plans and proposed hamlets identified in the General Plan Update are being evaluated for prioritization and eventual work initiation.