Cottonwood Creek Watershed Storm Water Resource Plan (SWRP)

The purpose of the SWRP is to identify and prioritize projects, those with multi-benefits that can best meet the identified priorities on a watershed basis. The SWRP will provide guidance and tools to support the region in developing more competitive projects for state-wide grant funding opportunities to achieve watershed and regional planning goals.  


The following are the projects that have been identified:

  1. Juvenile Detention Facility (JDF) Detention/Retention Project
  2. Yettem Detention Project
  3. Upper Detention/Retention Project
  4. Robles Lomas Ranch Detention Project



Juvenile Detention Facility (JDF) Detention/Retention Project

Location: East of Road 108 and Avenue 368

Description: This project is a multi-part projects that includes the development of two (2) retention basins, a flood easement for the detention/retention on adjacent agricultural land, a berm on the south portion of the creek through the project area to provide flood protection, and realignment of approximately 8,500 feet of the creek bottom to restore a natural meandering creek.


Yettem Detention Project

Location: Adjacent to the Button Ditch near the intersection of Road 144 and Avenue 384

Description: The detention basin will temporarily detain high flows and decrease the severity of flooding in the community of Yettem. The project would include construction of a berm around 80 acres of agricultural land.


Upper Detention/Retention Project

Location: Downstream from the Friant-Kern Canal near the intersection of Road 164 and Avenue 362

Description: This detention/retention basin will temporarily detain high flows in the Cottonwood Creek and decrease flows downstream and will retain a portion for infiltration. The project is located in very permeable soils that will facilitate groundwater recharge.


Robles Lomas Ranch Detention Project

Location: Upstream of the community of Elderwood

Description: The project is a single-purpose flood control project. It includes an approximately 60 feet tall detention dam that store approximately 60 acre-feet. The detention dam would limiting the releases of runoff to less than 1,000 cubic feet per seconds (cfs). 

Part of developing the SWRP is public outreach, the following is the presentation made at a meeting held in the community of Ivanhoe. For more information of the SWRP projects that have been identified, review the link below.


Storm Water Resources Plan Stakeholder Meeting

September 14, 2017 @ 6 P.M.

Storm Water Resources Plan Presentation - English

Storm Water Resources Plan Presentation - Spanish

Cottonwood Creek Storm Water Resource Plan is available for review, click on the image below to download document.

SWRP References

Proposition 1 Grant Application - Cottonwood Creek JDF Complex Project (07/07/2016) 


If you have any questions or for more information related to the Cottonwood Storm Water Resource Plan, you may contact Randy Weatherspoon at 559-624-7088.