Location: Veterans Memorial Hall, Orosi

Incident Date: 3-17-21

Incident Time: 0900

City: Orosi

Posted by: Media Relations

TCSO Deputies Track Down Scooter Stolen from Disabled Vietnam Vet, Bust Woman Who Took It

Around 9 this morning, a 72-year-old disabled Vietnam Veteran parked his motorized scooter at the Veterans Memorial Hall in Orosi and then walked to McDonalds.


While he was gone, 35-year-old Tina Guererro rode by on a bicycle and spotted the veteran’s scooter. She left, then came back with a friend and took the scooter. When the veteran returned to the parking lot, his electric scooter was missing.


The scooter was worth about $1,200.


TCSO Deputy Jonas Tirado found surveillance video that showed Guerrero taking the scooter. Not long after, Deputy Jason Hendersen tracked down Guerrero and the stolen scooter. She was arrested and booked into the Adult Pre-Trial Facility. Deputies are still on the lookout for her accomplice.


TCSO Deputies Jonas Tirado, Hendersen and Hector Negrete quickly returned the scooter to the very grateful veteran, who uses it as his main mode of transportation.


Guerrero faces charges of Grand Theft, Possession of Stolen Property and Looting During a Pandemic.