Location: Cutler/ Orosi

Incident Date: September 2021

City: Cutler/Orosi

Posted by: Media Relations

Tulare County Schools Cleaning Up Mess Left Behind By Latest Tik Tok Challenge that Encourages Vandalism


Over the last week, Cutler-Orosi Joint Union School District has seen several incidents of vandalism to school property, specifically to restroom areas and drinking faucets at Orosi High school, El Monte Middle school and the Orosi Sports Complex.  

Recently, a report of the incidents was made to the Sheriff’s office and Deputies began investigating several students believed to be responsible for the vandalism. 

It appeared the vandalisms were related to a social media Tik-Tok encouraging kids to vandalize school bathrooms.

On Thursday, the Sheriff’s office made an arrest of a 15-year-old female student for her involvement in the vandalisms.  

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office wants students and parents to be aware of these types of social media dangers if students take part in them. Their actions WILL be treated as criminal activity and they will face consequences. 

The investigation is ongoing and anyone with information is urged to contact Dep. Burciaga at the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office at 1-800-808-0488, or anonymously at tcso@tipnow.com, or by text or voicemail at 559-725-4194.